Wedding Planning Woes: Common Problems and How to Solve Them

July 19, 2018

It is inevitable for issues to accompany wedding planning no matter how organised you are. When coupled with stress, anxiety, as well as emotional highs and lows, there will be unexpected complications to arise. However, you can always be ready to mitigate possible problems by making yourself aware of these dilemmas and how you can tackle them:

Not being sure of the venue

One of the most important aspects of successful wedding planning is selecting the perfect venue. This will set the theme of your event and other subsequent details such as whether you will need decorations and transportation. There are key points that can help you decide on the perfect venue. Just allow sufficient time to thoroughly think it through.

Being undecided what food to serve

Choosing what food to serve can be a tough decision because you have to consider your guests’ specific dietary requirements and will not want to potentially offend or hurt them. The safest way is to choose a couple of classic meat entrées accompanied with meat-free entrées and serve them buffet style so your guests can choose what to eat.

Who to invite and minimise the guest list

One way to celebrate your wedding even with a limited budget is to minimise the guest list. However, it can be pretty stressful to complete your guest list especially if you do not want to offend anyone. Remember that it is still your big day and it isn’t a bad thing to celebrate your special day intimately with only your closest family and friends.

Guests not responding to RSVPs

Although most of your guests will understand how important your wedding is, there will still be a few you can expect to forget to RSVP. To avoid this as much as possible, enclose a stamped pre-addressed reply envelope or email addresses in the wedding invitations and do not forget to have a date on your RSVPs that’s a couple of weeks before your final numbers completion day, so you can follow up with a defining phone call if required.

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