The Guide to Creating a Wedding Guest List

October 16, 2018

Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to start preparing for the big day. Planning your own wedding can feel overwhelming and stressful but if you give yourself enough time to sort tasks efficiently with a checklist, it can be bearable.

One of the important tasks to accomplish when planning a wedding is creating a guest list. A guest list serves as the framework of your whole wedding. A number of things depend on the guest count including the venue capacity, the meals that will be served, the tables you will have and the list goes on. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Decide who will be involved in creating the list

Before writing down your guest list, take into consideration the people who will also have a say in who will receive an invitation. Usually, aside from the couple, the parents also invite some close family members, friends and co-workers. However, since this is your special day, the couple should have the ultimate say in deciding who will make the final cut.

Set a maximum guest count

It’s good to have a maximum guest count in mind so you have a limit to work towards. Setting your limit can give you a clearer picture of the ideal guest count. This is important in order to adhere to your venue’s capacity requirements and enable you to keep within your budget.

Start your dream guest list

Once you have set your ideal number, you, your fiancé (and possibly your parents) should create an individual preferred list. After everyone has completed it, review this together. The goal is to reach a fair amount of guests for both families. While it is an exciting life event, you are not expected to invite everyone you know. Make sure that the people at your wedding are the ones who will support your marriage throughout your life.

Creating an A List and B List

A List should have all the people that are very important to you. This may include your best friends, family members and close family friends. On the other hand, your B List is considered as the backup list. In case someone in your A List won’t be able to attend the wedding, someone on the B List can take their spot.


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