Reflecting Your Personality in Your Wedding Details

February 11, 2019

Your wedding day is a special moment that you will treasure forever. As such, it is just fitting if you and your partner infuse your personalities on the details of your wedding ceremony and reception. Whether you are celebrating in a golf club or somewhere else that’s just as unique, it will be great to tie your personal traits into your big day. Here are some ways on how you can personalise your wedding.

Identify the elements of your personality you want to reflect

Among all your characteristics and traits, choose one or two important elements that you would like to include in your wedding. How do your friends and family describe your personality? Are you romantic, energetic, outgoing or shy? Whatever your traits are, consider them when making your wedding planning decisions.

Turn these traits into colours

After identifying the aspect you want to reflect, get creative on how you will inject it into the details. Using colours is one way to do this. For calm and romantic people, soft and muted warm tones will be ideal. If you are high energy and fun, have a colour scheme that is bold and bright.

Think outside the box

When reflecting your personality in your wedding, try to think outside the box. If you like watching movies, you don’t necessarily have to decorate your reception venue with movie posters. Instead, you could name your tables after your favourite movies. By being creative, you can weave in elements of your personality without being literal.

Use all your senses

Let your guests experience your wedding by using all their senses. Incorporate your personality into what they see, taste, hear, feel and smell. Choose a wedding venue where you and your partner feel at home. Put some of your favourite food on the wedding menu. Choose songs that reflect your style. Add different textures into your linens that complement the theme of your wedding. Include flowers, plants or fruits to scent the room.

Don’t forget the small details

Remember that even the smallest details count. You can infuse your personality in the style of your invitation, menu cards and in your bouquet. Those little touches will make your big day even more memorable.


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