Make Wedding Planning Less Stressful By Following These Tips

January 9, 2019

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. As this is one of the biggest celebrations you will ever plan, stress can quickly build up. Finding the right wedding venue, choosing your suppliers, and planning your timeline can easily drain your energy especially as the date draws near.

If you are getting stressed about the details of your big day, take some time to pause and read these tips we have for you to eliminate your negative vibes

Take Breaks

You may have been busy planning your wedding every single day the past couple of weeks. While this can be helpful in ensuring you have a perfect celebration, it can also consume much of your energy. Try to limit your wedding planning activities to a few days per month and make sure that you take a break whenever possible.

Talk About It

Talking to your partner, a family member or a friend can be helpful in relieving wedding-related stress. Do not bottle up your feelings and anxiety as this can make things worse. Communicate and share your feelings to ease your tension.


If your family or friends want to be involved with your wedding planning, assign them some tasks. Relieve yourself of some responsibilities so you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

Be Organised

One of the major causes of stress is being disorganised. Thus, keep everything structured through checklists, budget tools and guest lists. These can help you stay on track and ensure that all your important wedding details are in place.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

If you’re still at the early stages of wedding planning, you may consider hiring a wedding planner or a coordinator to make your life easier. They can help you search for the perfect wedding venues and reliable suppliers as well as organise your ideas and timeline. They will also make sure your big day will run as smoothly as possible. This way, you can relax and let the professionals do their jobs without feeling the need to micromanage.

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