How to Choose a Wedding Venue

July 10, 2018

Choosing the wedding venue is one of the top priorities of every engaged couple. It sets the style of your wedding, making this the one decision you have to get right to have the perfect wedding. Your wedding venue must be within your budget, must have a setting that you like, be beneficial for your guests and isn’t booked for your desired wedding date.

The venue will also determine the decorations, the vendors, the number of guests that you can invite, the wedding date and most importantly the wedding budget. We have compiled some tips on choosing a wedding venue for your big day.

1.  Determine if it’s within your budget.

You’re not just renting the space but are also paying for in-house catering and decorations. If you add the sums up and realise that you may blow your budget, look for more affordable options, like scaling back your design or search for a more economical space.

2. Consider if it’s the right location for your guests.

Also, consider if your guests can easily access the wedding venue. If they are not local, it is advisable to choose a venue that has immediate accommodation, such as hotels that are in close proximity to the site. If they will be coming from abroad, consider the closest international airport.

3. Decide if it’s right with your theme.

Whether you choose a glamorous classic wedding or a modern sophisticated one with your guests and decorations complementing your desired theme, your wedding venue still decides the entire vibe of the setting.

Your wedding venue can even influence your choice of wedding dress. For example, a venue that offers a garden or the countryside may make you think twice about having a huge meringue wedding dress which may be dirtied by soil and may not be comfortable to wear on rough patches of land.

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