5 Easy Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Theme

June 14, 2018

Not every wedding has a theme but many couples feel that choosing a theme helps give their planning some direction. Once you commit to a theme, whether it is the just the bride and bridesmaids in matching dresses or the extreme of inviting all your family and guests to wear Star Trek costumes! Themes are only limited to your imagination.

1. Start Looking for Inspiration

You may already be brimming with ideas. If you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day for a long time it could be a question of choosing between many possible themes. However, if you’re undecided and need inspiration,look to Pinterest, search for real wedding examples or start looking at decorations. As one of the premium wedding venues in Nottingham, we can help you design the perfect day.

2. Think of the Venue and Season

You might not know exactly where and when you want to get married, but if you have a rough idea it’s a good start. To begin with, pick a season and a location, whether it’s as specific as Nottingham, home or abroad. Use your chosen season and location to inspire a wedding theme and colour scheme. Start looking at venues and see how those like The Nottinghamshire can help you.

3. What’s Meaningful for You?

You can flip through wedding magazines forever but it doesn’t mean anything will necessarily speak to you. Your wedding theme needs to be meaningful for you as a couple and not just something that you pluck out of thin air. Even if you’re looking for a budget wedding you can still make your day special and unique. For some couples that could mean a rustic wedding and for others it could mean a vintage theme.

4. Take a Look at Your Likes and Dislikes

Look deep to find a meaningful theme for your wedding by looking at what you both like. There are several aspects of your life that may inspire you. For some people, it’s obvious what is required, Harry Potter fanatics or people who love Paris may already have a theme staring them in the face. But if you’re unsure, think about your hobbies, musical tastes and other interests.

5. Organise Your Ideas

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re planning your wedding. There’s a lot to do and so many ideas from different people and resources. If you’re getting confused, start organising your ideas to prevent them overwhelming you. Start keeping a folder or set up a Pinterest board to keep your thoughts organised. One of the things that can make it easier is to look at wedding packages in Nottinghamshire.

Your wedding theme doesn’t have to be anything really obvious. Look for a subtle thematic thread that can run through your wedding.

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